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Bolablaque Beauty Store – An eCommerce Website

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Bolablaque beauty store is a Nigerian online store that has built its brand within the space of 2016 till date,  Best known for its authenticity and love for all things beauty, and wellness.

Bolablaque beauty store is the one stop shop for all things beauty.

As more African women are opting for western inspired lifestyles due to increasing urbanization and rising middleclass population which is fueling increased demand for makeover services, Bolablaque beauty store has seen the need to also grow and expand as the customer base grows.

Bolablaque beauty store started off with the need to solve the problem of unauthentic makeup being sold in country and over the  years been able to educate and broaden the minds of consumers as to the need to use authentic makeup which we provide and in due time expand to having various outlets in Nigeria as a whole and be recognized internationally.

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  • Project Category: Online Beauty Store
  • Project Duration: 2023
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